Welcome to Braille Greetings Cards!

The purpose of this company is for sighted or visually impaired people to be able to buy cards and have them brailled or printed. Or to buy a braille message which can be added into a pre-bought card.

The most important things to us are that visually impaired people know what they are buying or receiving, they know exactly what it looks like and can read what it says. To do this the descriptions are extremely thorough.

I hope that you will find the experience to be very personal, promote independence and that all of the cards you receive are high quality and look good!

Enjoy shopping and if you ever need any help with anything or can’t quite find the perfect card then get in touch and we can look at creating a custom handmade card specially for you. If you are interested more in handmade cards then visit our Ivy Rose Handmade section of the shop!